Our Mission

J&D Consultants offers partnership consulting specializing in  home health care.

Our Services

Comprehensive  Home Health Care Agency Consulting 

 Assessment - get on the right  track

Our consultants are specialized in home care and offer an array of consulting services based upon a comprehensive agency  assessment  including policies and procedures, pre-survey, client record reviews, billing compliance, coding  and the COPs.  We provide a comprehensive written assessment and proposed plan of correction. We can work side by side with you and your staff or deliver a written plan you can follow step-by-step. We work to understand your unique agency issues.

Make informed decisions.

ADR's? Adverse Events? Incident Reports? Un-compliant charting? Billing Issues? Regulatory Compliance? Investigate root causes put into action a plan to remedy them. Make the right agency decisions based on facts; metrics analysis assure you move toward a five star rating.

Can I afford these services?

Our consulting services are very affordable. We won't break the bank. We can avert potential costly revenue loses,  regulatory & compliance issues that could cost you thousands later on. More consulting for your bottom line.

Working with us

Everything we do begins and ends with your agency goals. No short cuts, no gimmicks. Honest partnerships that take us all to the next level. Your benchmark improvements are important to both of us. Let us drive your success.

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